Cassa Grove Approved By UDRB, Will Break Ground Near Metrorail Station In Spring 2017

A Class A multi-family project is planned a short distance from the Coconut Grove Metrorail station.

Cassa Grove is set to include 116 units at 2900 and 2940 S.W. 28th Lane, with 199,972 square feet of building area in a 12-story structure. Miami’s UDRB voted 5-0 to recommend approval earlier this month.

A letter from architect Itec Design to Miami’s Planning Department describes the project:

The proposed project will help create and activate the new open public space along the MetroRail, the Underline. The project is proposing addition public open space connecting directly to the Underline. The project is also situated adjacent to the Coconut Grove MetroRail Station Services as an important note along this corridor. The Facade draws inspiration from its public location as well as the natural vegetation of its surroundings. The requested waivers are consistent with Miami 21 and promote the spirit of the transect zone.

CDS Architecture’s Eduardo Pardo-Fernandez collaborated on the design with Itec.

MEC Development’s Tomas Possenti said that the project will break ground in Spring 2017 and open in Fall 2018. The project is a joint venture between Miami-based MEC Development Associates, B Developments, and New York-based Abington Properties.


Source: By on October 27, 2016
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