What We Do

what we do

MEC Development Associates

MEC Development Associates, for its own account, or as a Joint Venture partner with land owners, or as a fee-based developer

  • Analyzes real property sites for potential development within mlti-family, multi-use and commercial sectors taking into account current entitlements, potential changes to current zoning or use, and current and future market demands;
  • Coordinates all facets of property acquisition process;
  • Coordinates and leads all facets of entitlement;
  • Prepares financial underwriting for projects based on past experience, market information, current trends, and financial and economic market indicators;
  • Leads and coordinates all aspects of pre-development, including project conceptualization and design;
  • Identifies project capitalization targets and prepares offering memorandums for equity and debt placement;
  • Identifies and negotiates equity and debt placement;
  • Coordinates all contracting with third party professionals and General Contractor;
  • Provides construction and project management;
  • Coordinates project delivery with third party sales agents or property management companies;
  • Provides proven asset management and reporting;
  • Coordinates and delivers successful project exit strategies